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Delicious breakfast

Two eggs, fried or scambled

Onions and eggs

Salami and eggs

Salami, onion and eggs

Corned beef and eggs

Corned beef, onion and eggs

Lox and eggs

Cheese omelet

Spanish omelet

Chili omelet

Chili and cheese omelet

Lox, cream cheese and bagel plate

Fried egg, salami & cheese on a muffin

French toast

French toast stuffed with cinnamon, sugar and bananas

Eggs are served with a garnish and toast or bagel.
Add 50¢ to substitute a Wolferman's muffin.

Cream Cheese

Vegetable Cream cheese spread

Lox cream cheese spread

Two eggs, fried or scambled

Country fried potatoes

Wolferman's muffin

Toast or bagel

Coffee $1.75, Hot or Iced tea $1.75, Milk $1.50,
Dr. Browns $1.75, Soft Drinks $1.75

Cash or local check only.
Carshon's does NOT accept credit or debit cards. Thank you.