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Corned beef and turkey, melted swiss, cole slaw and Russian dressing on rye, grilled.

Pastrami, cream cheese and smoked turkey with Russian dressing layered on three pieces of egg bread, grilled.

Corned beef or pastrami, melted swiss and kraut on rye, grilled.

Smoked turkey on a grilled Wolferman's muffin with melted swiss or cheddar, served open faced.

Choice of corned beef or roast beef plus turkey, cole slaw and
Russian dressing layered on three pieces of rye, grilled.

Low carb option available - Go breadless
Sharing charge on specialty sandwhiches is $1.00

Build Your Own Salad Plate ...... $9.29
Choose one: Chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, lox Spread or veggie cream cheese spread
Choose two: Cole slaw, macaroni, potato, fruit pasta, cucumber salad or vegetarian beans.

Carnivore ...... $10.29
Turkey, roast beef and salami with your choice of two: potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, cole slaw, sauerkraut or vegetarian beans

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad...... $8.29
Served with garnish and choice of bread

Hot Corned Beef or Pastrami ...... $10.29
Served with your choice of two: potato salad, cole slaw or sauerkraut

Knockwurst or Polish Sausage
One $8.59, Two $9.79

Served with your choice of two: vegetarian beans, potato salad, sauerkraut, cole slaw macaroni or pasta.

Lox or Smoked Trout with Cream Cheese ...... $12.29
Nova lox or smoked trout and cream cheese with a bagel and garnish

Sardine (skinless and boneless) ...... $10.79
Served with hardboiled egg, garnish and bagel

Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.
Cash or local check only. Thank you.

Cup $4.79     Bowl $5.29
Chicken noodle, bean and barley, split pea, matzo ball, baked potato

Cup $5.99     Bowl $6.29
No beans. Add 99¢ for cheese and/or onions


Bologna $5.59$7.29
Chopped Liver $5.59$7.29
Corned Beef$5.59$7.29
Peppered Beef$5.59$7.29
Roast Beef$5.59$7.29


Roast Chicken$5.59$7.29
Smoked Turkey$5.59$7.29
Combination two meatsn/a$9.29
Chicken Salad$5.59$7.29
Egg Salad$5.19$5.79
Tuna Salad$5.59$7.29
Grilled Cheese$4.79$5.79
Extra Meat$1.79 

*Your choice of bread on all sandwiches: rye, pumpernickel, wheat, egg bread or bagel. Served with garnish.
Add 99¢ for slice of Swiss, muenster, pepper jack, provolone or cheddar. A shared deli sandwich will be charged as two ½ sandwiches.

with Chili and Cheese
Bagel dog
Reuben dog

Cream cheese $4.79

Lox and cream cheese spread $10.29     Vegetable cream cheese spread $6.29
Pickled herring and sour cream $8.29

Artichoke Salad$3.59
Bagel Chips$3.49
Cole Slaw$2.79
Cucumber Salad$2.79
Fresh Fruit Salad$3.59
Greek Olives$3.29
Vegetarian Beans$3.79
House Salad$4.79
Potato Salad$2.79
Macaroni Salad$3.29
Pasta Salad$3.29
Half dill pickle79¢
Whole dill pickle$1.29

mouth-watering pie

Mary's famous homemade pie of the day
Monday - Pecan; Tuesday - Lemon Meringue
(Butterscotch in the winter); Wednesday - Chocolate
; Thursday - Coconut; Friday - Coconut or Banana;
Saturday - Chocolate Meringue
$4.29 a slice

Chocolate Pudding Cake $3.79
Cheesecake $4.19
Cappuccino Ice Cream Pie $3.99

Iced Tea$1.89
Canned Soft Drinks$1.89

Dr. Brown's$1.89
Bottled Water$1.89

See menu boards for wine and/or beer by the glass, pie of the day, specials and seasonal soups.